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Rug cleaning is done mainly to remove dirt, stains, and allergens in carpets. Common techniques used for rug cleaning include dry-clean, hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and rug steaming. Vacuum cleaning and spot cleaning can also be used in rug cleaning.
Dry cleaning is the most common technique used for removing dirt and stains in carpet. It involves using a solvent that dries instantly, such as acetone. The process of drying helps remove the dirt immediately by sucking it up and wiping it off the surface. The solvent used in this technique can be mixed with warm water, which makes it even more effective. Vacuuming should be done after the cleaning process is done to remove residual soil.
Hot water extraction is also done to remove tough stains. In this method, hot water is extracted from the rug at a high temperature. This causes the rug to get steamed. The steam also helps loosen the dirt and muck. To avoid having your rugs steamed, you have to have your carpets dried as soon as possible after the cleaning is done.
Steam cleaning is another technique that is used to remove dust and dirt in rugs. In this process, a vacuum cleaner with a steam unit attached is used to do the cleaning. The unit will shoot steam into the carpet, removing the dirt and grime. There are many advantages of this technique; one of them being that it is much easier to perform than dry cleaning, which needs a lot of cleaning solutions. Some steam cleaners use chemicals to help loosen the dirt, but these chemicals can be harmful to rugs if they are not completely removed afterwards.
Vacuuming is another technique that is often performed to clean up stains and other dirt. You can either use a vacuum cleaner or a shop vac to do the vacuuming; however, with wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, and garden hoses, it is recommended that a garden hose with water hook-ups be used. The water from the hose will penetrate deep into the soil, giving the stains and dirt plenty of time to soak into the material. The hose also has the ability to reach areas that are hard to access by a vacuum cleaner, such as around fixtures and under furniture.
Rug cleaning with a shop vac and carpets is usually the preferred method for removing dirt and grime from rugs and area rugs. Although this technique takes longer than the rug cleaning method above, it is a safer option since carpets tend to be more delicate than rugs. If you have rugs outdoors, it is recommended that you remove the rugs as soon as they become dirty.

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